Tesla Powerwall 2 coming to South Africa

Tesla Powerwall 2 coming to South Africa

This is what we know about the launch of the new Tesla Powerwall in South Africa.


Source: Mybroadband


Tesla’s new home and small business battery system, Powerwall 2, will launch in South Africa in 2017, MyBroadband has learnt.


Installations in the US are set to begin from January and it is expected to become available locally from the second quarter of 2017.


Tesla said the Powerwall 2 can store enough power for a refrigerator, lights, and sockets for a day in a four-bedroom house.


Compared to the original Powerwall, continuous power has increased by 50% from 3.3kW to 5kW, peak power has doubled to 7kW, and storage capacity has doubled to 13.5kWh.


Tesla also unveiled an AC model of the new battery, which includes a battery inverter built into the Powerwall.


In the US, one Powerwall 2 battery with an inverter is priced at $5,500. This excludes installation and supporting hardware, sales tax, permitting, fees, and a solar power system.


The recommended price for South Africa is not yet available.


Based on what we saw from the original Powerwall, local prices will take transport from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, VAT, and duties into account.



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