Telkom FreeMe Family kills Vodacom and MTN

Telkom FreeMe Family kills Vodacom and MTN

Telkom has launched new FreeMe Family products, which allow subscribers to divide the included data, voice minutes, and SMS allocation between up to 10 SIMs.


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This allows families to consolidate their cellphone spending and use a single account.


FreeMe Family comes in three sizes – 30GB, 50GB or unlimited shared data – which includes 300, 500, or 1,000 shared off-net minutes respectively.


The primary member can allocate the value to family members according to their needs.


Additionally, consumers receive 10GB of Wi-Fi connectivity per SIM per month, 3,000 on-network minutes per account, 50 SMS messages per SIM per day, and free IM and VoIP calls on certain applications – including WhatsApp.


The standard plans come with one primary and three multi-SIM cards, and up to six additional multi-SIMs can be added.


Top-up purchases can be made if data is depleted before the end of the month.


Telkom FreeMe Family


The table below shows the value that Telkom’s FreeMe Family 30GB package offers.


The pricing is based on a five-member family, with the cost split over the members. It is then compared to single-user packages from Vodacom and MTN.




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