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Build lasting customer relationships and give your business a voice with our Bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS Solutions for you!

BulkSMS is a convenient, reliable and easy-to-use platform designed to effortlessly open a real-time, personalised conversation with your audience. This two-way channel is a guaranteed solution to boosting engagement and increasing brand awareness.
Mobile campaigns serve the purpose of getting a message across effectively and efficiently to generate leads. BulkSMS is the suitable platform to implement several types of mobile campaigns easily, saving you time and helping you focus on a your return on investment.


Interactive Real-time and Transactional Communication at your fingertips - reach your clients effortlessly.


Target individual or multiple groups and increase brand engagement and awareness instantly.


This user-friendly web-based interface runs one of the best cost-effective marketing tools for your business.


Manage your secure data and analyse campaign performance with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  • 200 SMS Credits

  • R58/once off

  • 200 Credits for R58 once offCredits don’t expire!
  •   200 SMS Credits
  •   29c per Credit
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  • 500 SMS Credits

  • R140 /once off

  • 500 Credits for R140 once offCredits don’t expire!
  •   500 SMS Credits
  •   28c per Credit
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  • 1000 SMS Credits

  • R270 /once off

  • 1000 Credits for R270 once offCredits don’t expire!
  •   1000 SMS Credits
  •  27c per Credit
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  • 2000 SMS Credits

  • R520 /once off

  • 2000 Credits for R520 once offCredits don’t expire!
  •   2000 SMS Credits
  •   26c per Credit
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  • 5000 SMS Credits

  • R1250 /once off

  • 5000 Credits for R1250 once offCredits don’t expire!
  •   5000 SMS Credits
  •   25c per Credit
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  • 10 000 SMS Credits

  • R2400 /once off

  • 10 000 Credits for R2400 once offCredits don’t expire!
  •   10 000 SMS Credits
  •   24c per Credit
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Why BulkSMS? The growing need to connect directly to customers is constantly increasing due to the rise in the daily use of mobile devices. Take advantage of this opportunity to communicate in the most cost-effective and interactive way.

User-friendly Interface

Our easy-to-use interface makes bulk messaging a breeze.

Cost Effectiveness

We offer affordable credit packages - take a look above!

Merge data

Merge your client data with your own Address Book.

List clean-up

Remove duplicate and error contacts before send.

Instant & Real-time

Now you can read and reply to customers instantly.

Full Management of Contacts

Import, create and manage your contacts and groups.

Setup Groups

Create groups to interact with various target audiences.

Comprehensive Reporting

Run historical reports, analyse, and manage your campaigns.