FPB doesn’t want to regulate your WhatsApp chats

FPB doesn’t want to regulate your WhatsApp chats

The Film and Publication Board (FPB) does not want to regulate private conversations, such as WhatsApp chats.


This is according to FPB COO Sipho Risiba, following a statement from the Department of Communications stating the opposite.


Source: Mybroadband


In an answer to a question from a member of parliament, the Department of Communications said the proposed Film and Publications Amendment Bill intends to cover private communications.


However, Risiba told MyBroadband that the FPB is not interested in private chats.


What it is interested in is ensuring consistency and practicality in South Africa’s legislation pertaining to content distributed online.


Risiba said there is nuance when it comes to platforms like Facebook, which lets users create private spaces.


However, when it comes to speech prohibited in terms of South Africa’s constitution, such as hate speech, or content that is harmful to children, the FPB wants to ensure there are no loopholes for perpetrators to slip through.


While the FPB is focussed on commercial content – whether film, books, music, or video games – it won’t turn away people who bring infringing content like child pornography or hate speech to its attention.


Risiba said that depending on the complaint, they will report the matter to the police or refer the person to the relevant organisation.


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