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Frequently Asked Questions

More about the Starter Hosting Package

Our Starter Hosting Package is a good package to start with if you are just starting out with your new business and not sure how much space you will require. Our packages are easily upgraded should you later require more storage space on the server. Our Stater Hosting Packages does not include MS SQL databases but does support PHP, ASP.Net and MySQL.

Professional, Premium and Platinum Hosting

If you need your website to store and retrieve information then you’ll need a database(s) and large amounts of storage space. If you have a large number of staff, then you will also need more storage space for mail on the server, as well as a large number of email accounts. Complete with SQL databases, our Professional, Premium and Platinum Hosting Packages are perfect for sites such as directories, e-commerce websites and forums.

How much disk space and traffic do I need?

1GB – Best for small websites or individual email accounts, 1GB is also more than enough to start your first simple website.

2GB – With enough space to grow, 2GB is what you’ll need for an average-sized blog or website.

5GB + – Recommended for larger websites, 5GB + is ideal if you host lots of photos, images, documents and other media.

Traffic – This is the amount of content and media that your site displays to visitors. The more people who find and use your website, the more traffic (or bandwidth) you need. ALL of our packages come with unlimited traffic, so this is something you don’t have to worry about.

How many e-mails am I allowed to send per hour?

The maximum send limits per hour for the different Hosting Packages are:

Starter Hosting – 50 emails per hour
Basic Hosting – 100 emails per hour
Basic + Hosting – 150 emails per hour
Standard Hosting – 200 emails per hour
Standard + Hosting – 250 emails per hour
Professional Hosting – 300 emails per hour
Professional + Hosting – 350 emails per hour
Premium Hosting – 400 emails per hour
Platinum Hosting – 450 emails per hour
Platinum + Hosting – 500 emails per hour
Reseller Hosting – 250 emails per hour

Should you exceed the Send Rate Limit for your package in the first hour, the e-mails that exceed the limit will then be deferred to the next hour.
For example: If you send 75 e-mails between 09:00am and 10:00am, and your limit is 50 e-mails per hour. The first 50 e-mails will be delivered in that hour and the remaining 25 e-mails will then deliver in the next hour, between 10:00am and 11:00am.
No e-mails will be discarded/deleted and all your e-mails will eventually deliver.

The reason for the Rate Limit Per Hour is to prevent your e-mail account from being used for SPAM (in the case of it being hacked) or for the sending of Bulk Mail Messages, as this influences our IP’s reputation and could cause our IP being blocked.

What value added features do I get?

  • Webmail – This allows you to access your e-mail form any computer anywhere on the Internet via an easy to remember unique Website Address.
  • Web Statistics – Get update to date statistics on visitors to your website without the need to add third party scrips on your site.
  • Spam & E-Mail Filtering – You can choose at what levels you want spam highlighted, deleted or sent to a dedicated spam folder. We also provide additional filtering tools for advanced customisation..
  • Free WordPress Installation

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