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Our user-friendly interface, MyMail, helps you craft impressive mail campaigns in mere minutes.

The easy-to-use platform includes all the relevant tools needed to make you an e-mail marketing fundi. Simply utilise the drag-and-drop environment on pre-designed templates or, for the pro-coders, directly compile your raw HTML mailers. We have a gallery of responsive mail templates that ensures your design choice is attractive and speaks for your brands marketing, every time.
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Why choose MyMail?

E-mail marketing is an affordable, yet powerful marketing tool used to support targeted communications with new and existing clients, in just one shot. Use this feature to implement informative marketing campaigns that saves you time and money via MyMail. Manage and expand your database today! Use an e-mail marketing interface that allows you to grow your client relationships professionally, has a comprehensive reporting feature and offers an easy-to-use setup that saves on time, helping you focus on your company’s ROI.

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Send out bulk e-mail batches frequently, or send to multiple lists.


The MyMail system has an Easy-to-use interface, incorporating your designs effortlessly or offering beautiful template galleries.

E-mail Support

We can help you find a package effective for your business growth OR we can setup, manage, implement and report on your mail campaigns.


Ensure your campaigns are accessible on all devices and compliant with the latests trends.


Personalise your communication to clients with the variety of personalised merge tags available to include in your mailers.

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Our MyMail credit packages are specially created to cater for entry-level campaigns as well as large company transactional e-mails and more.

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*Payable monthly - credits valid for 30 days.
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R85.00/MUpload 2000 Contacts



R145.00/MUpload 5000 Contacts

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50 000 CREDITS

R795.00/MUpload 50 000 Contacts

Anytime Top-up Plans

100 000 CREDITS

R1495.00/MUpload 100 000 Contacts

200 000 CREDITS

R2495.00/MUpload 200 000 Contacts

500 000 CREDITS

R4995.00/MUpload 500 000 Contacts

1 000000 CREDITS

R8995.00/MUpload 1 000 000 Contacts


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Anytime Top-up Plans

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2 000

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R95.00 once off

5 000

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R195.00 once off

10 000

Top-up credits

R395.00 once off

20 000

Top-up credits

R695.00 once off

50 000

Top-up credits

R1495.00 once off

100 000

Top-up credits

R2995.00 once off

200 000

Top-up credits

R4995.00 once off

500 000

Top-up credits

R8995.00 once off

1 000 000

Top-up credits

R17995.00 once off


Top-up credits

Customised on request

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Clean-up your mailing lists before sending your e-mails!

Using our Bulk Email Verifier you can remove fake, invalid, old, and unused email addresses and thus prevent bad reputation penalties from your email marketing service providers.

Only Pay for What You Need

Only pay for what you need, for real!

What you pay is what you get. Our Pricing is designed so that you can precisly define how many e-mails you want to check. You have 54,321 e-mails to check? You pay for 54,321 e-mails!

Reliable Results

Reliability comes with experience!

Our service has a long history on the market. Its engine has been running since 2014 and verified millions of e-mail addresses already. It uses several complex algorithms to obtain correct information about each e-mail address. This is why we can provide one of the most reliable services on the market.

Best Offers on Market

Trust us to ensure your lists are clean.

Our pricing is so competitive that you will have a hard time to find a better offer. Our experience speaks for itself.

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