Dot Cube supports #MandelaDay

Dot Cube supports #MandelaDay

The Dot Cube Team recently took part in a charitable drive to paint dog kennels for shelter dogs. This is an initiative started in 2012 by Adelé Lombaard from The Dogbox Project and to date they have donated 1100 dog kennels to an array of Animal Welfare Organisations. (See Today is also the 5th birthday of The Dogbox Project –  a day that commemorates the inspiration for this project by the late, great Madiba.


The Dogbox concept is simple, yet effective, in helping furry friends get a nice warm home, in these cold Winter months. A team, consisting of two people, purchase the chance to decorate and donate a dog kennel to a Welfare Organisation of their choosing, in the Western Cape. Then they simply pitch up on the day, bring paint and brushes along, and decorate galore! The wonderful folks at The Dogbox Project also arrange for sponsors to donate dry dog food (Boss), kennel blankets and tinned food per kennel. Small tubs of paint can also be purchased on the day, at reduced rates – sponsored by Dulux Paint. Furthermore, participants can also purchase pet toys and chewables to ‘pep-up’ this kennel gift. All-in-all a wonderful initiative sponsored by big-hearted companies!


There are on-going events throughout the year and at different locations, hosted by The Dogbox Project. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for regular updates:


Dot Cube’s Team was blessed to take part in this year’s Mandela Day – Dogbox Project Event and show their support. With the help of friends and family, the team managed to donate 7 kennels, blankets and associated foods to Fisantekraal Animal Welfare. Thanks a million to all sponsors involved, all participants, the friends of Dot Cube and of course their awesome Staff Team. Thank you also to the great volunteers of all Animal Welfare Organisations who work tirelessly to take care of abandoned, abused or thrown away dogs. A big shout out to the peeps at Fisantekraal Animal Welfare (! Be blessed! See you next year, Dogbox Project!


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