Customised Business Automation We specialise in custom web-based systems, tailor-made to your business needs! Let us automate all of your back-end admin functions, any manual processes and further integrate your core business functions into a user-friendly, responsive, fully customised business system solution.

EMS Systems

Enquiry Management Systems allow users to capture all enquiries and outputting all required electronic documentation in a flash.

CRM Systems

Customer Relations Management Systems conveniently process orders, keeps stock count and invoices (Point of Sales).

Lead Aggregation

Lead Aggregation Systems allow participants to gather a large number of leads at one time in one place to help streamline the sales process.

Integrated CRM

Web Intergrated CRM Systems allow not only businesses to manage clients but also vice versa where clients can manage their own profiles.

Online Booking Systems

As the name indicates, these systems allow online bookings with integrated payment gateway and customer managment.

Student Archive Systems

A definite need that has been pin-pointed by Education Institutions to maintain online copies of student and academic records.

Cold Storage Management

Cold Storage Management Systems manages frozen produce/goods received, stored and dispatched in a cold storage facility.

Book Publishing Systems

Book Publishing Management Systems manages the publishing workflow of books, from start concept to published state, electronically or printed.